'Rs 2,000 Fine For Washing Cars With Hose': Big Water Conservation Move By Delhi Govt Amid Brutal Summer
'Rs 2,000 Fine For Washing Cars With Hose': Big Water Conservation Move By Delhi Govt Amid Brutal Summer
Delhi Water Minister Atishi directs 200 teams to crack down on water wastage. Offenders will face fines and illegal connections will be disconnected. Water crisis intensifies

Delhi Water Minister Atishi on Wednesday directed the CEO of the Delhi Jal Board to deploy 200 teams across the city starting May 30, to crack down on water wastage in the national capital.

These teams will target the washing of cars with pipes, overflowing water tanks, and the use of water supply for construction or commercial purposes. Offenders will face a Rs 2000 fine and illegal water connections at construction sites or commercial establishments will be disconnected.

This decision comes days after Atishi on Tuesday accused Haryana of not releasing Delhi’s share of water since May 1 and said the government plans to implement a slew of measures including rationalising supply of water. She also said that the Delhi government may approach the Supreme Court if the supply of Yamuna water to the city does not improve in the coming days.

This move comes as the maximum temperature in India crossed 50 degrees Celsius for the first time this summer, as deadly heatwaves in several states continue to pose severe health risks. “Heatwave to severe heatwave conditions very likely in most parts of Punjab, Haryana-Chandigarh-Delhi, many parts of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, East Madhya Pradesh, few parts of West Madhya Pradesh isolated pockets of Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and heatwave conditions very likely,” the India Meteorological Department said in a post on X.

‘Severe heatwave’

Earlier this week, Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva termed as a “blatant lie” the Atishi’s claim that Haryana has stopped releasing water to Delhi. “Delhi is regularly receiving water from Haryana. Delhi government has failed to stop water theft and supply loss that is responsible for the water crisis,” he said in a statement. Earlier, addressing a press conference, Atishi said many areas in Delhi are grappling with water shortage and appealed to people to use water judiciously. She also warned that if people do not heed this appeal, the government may have to impose challan for excess use of water in coming days.

She said that the Delhi government is constantly talking to Haryana about the issue and if it is not resolved in the next couple of days, it may approach the Supreme Court over the matter. “Haryana has stopped release of Delhi’s share of water. The water level at Wazirabad was 674.5 feet on May 1. This is the average level that should be maintained. Last year in April, May, and June, the minimum level was maintained at 674.5 feet,” Atishi said. Sharing data, the minister said till May 8, the water level at Wazirabad came down to 672 feet and by May 20 it was at 671 feet and on Tuesday, it declined further to 669.8 feet.

Amid the heat wave, it is responsibility of all Delhiites to save water, the minister said in an appeal to the people. “Since last week, there has been a very serious water crisis in many areas of Delhi. We have almost doubled the running time of borewells in many areas from six-seven hours to 14 hours per day and the number of water tankers to deficient areas has also been increased,” she said. The minister said she came to know that in some residential areas of south Delhi, vehicles were being washed using pipes leading to wastage of water. She also asked the people to be careful about filling their water tanks, and appealed to them to be judicious in usage of water for domestic purposes as well.

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