Train Passenger Finds Insect in Food Ordered on Kashi Express, Indian Railways Responds
Train Passenger Finds Insect in Food Ordered on Kashi Express, Indian Railways Responds
Man gets insect in food ordered on Kashi Express, shares pic, tagging Railways Minister in viral post.

The likelihood of encountering contamination in food while travelling by train appears to be quite high, with frequent complaints from passengers discovering insects in their meals. These incidents often involve insects that are nearly invisible, posing a significant risk to unwitting consumers. For instance, a passenger on the Kashi Express recently found an insect in his food.

Taking to ‘X’, the user named Parvez Hashmi shared a troubling image depicting a foreign object in his spoon, resembling a grain of rice but clearly out of place amidst the dal/sabzi backdrop on his plate. He promptly tagged Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw while providing specifics of his journey aboard train number 15018, operating between Gorakhpur and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai.

Subsequently, the post gained traction, prompting humorous remarks from the public, highlighting the commonplace nature of such incidents. “You got premium chinese thali at the price of veg.. Railway may ask you to pay more,” quipped one commenter. Another chimed in, “You should have clearly mentioned when you asked for food that you didn’t want insects.” A third humorist joined, “Didn’t know Railways have also started adding extra protein now.”

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In the midst of the viral sensation, Railway Sewa intervened, urging the complainant to share their PNR details and contact number via Direct Message (DM) for further assistance.

Earlier, another traveller named Alok shared images of an insect discovered within the vegetarian thali served to him aboard the Chhapra Super-Fast Express. Having ordered the meal online through IRCTC’s designated vendors, the passenger expressed dissatisfaction, tagging railway authorities in a tweet. Although Rail Seva acknowledged the social media post, the actions taken in response to the incident remain undisclosed.

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