Shein Delivery Times & Methods: Everything You Need to Know
Shein Delivery Times & Methods: Everything You Need to Know
Shein is a popular fast fashion website known for its affordable prices and trendy clothing and accessories. If you’re thinking of buying something from Shein, it’s helpful to know how long it takes them to deliver packages. Generally, Shein packages arrive within 7-10 business days after processing, though this can differ depending on several factors. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Shein shipping times, what affects them, how to track your order, what to do if it’s late, and how to get your order to ship more quickly.
Shein Shipping Times

How long does it take Shein to deliver?

Standard Shein shipping usually takes 7-10 business days. Most customers in the United States can expect their package to arrive within this time frame, though the package may arrive sooner with express or expedited shipping. Packages will ship after the order has been processed at the warehouse, which may take a few business days. Express shipping typically takes 3-7 days after the order has been processed. Expedited shipping, while not always available, usually takes between 2-4 business days after the order has been processed. Note that express shipping is not available for P.O. boxes and APO/FPO addresses.

Shipping times may vary depending on delivery location. Shein has warehouses in different countries, which often affects how long it will take to ship to different parts of the world. In general, shipping time estimates are listed on each country’s Shein website. Here are the average estimates for a few different countries: United States: standard shipping 7-10 days, express shipping 3-7 days Canada: standard shipping 9-13 days, express shipping 7-9 days United Kingdom: standard shipping 7-10 days, express shipping 6-8 days Australia: standard shipping 10-16 days, express shipping 6-8 days Shipping times vary across countries in the EU and the Middle East. Because most of Shein’s warehouses are located in China, most Asian countries will receive packages more quickly than other countries.

Factors that Affect Delivery Time

Order volume and processing Large orders with multiple items typically require more time for processing, picking, and packing. Items that require customization, like tailored sizing, may also take longer to process because they need additional production. The more Shein staff has to handle the pieces in the order, the longer it takes to process.

Warehouse locations and stock availability Shein has logistics hubs in major regions like Asia, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The closer a destination is to one of these hubs, the more quickly the package will be delivered. However, sometimes the nearest warehouse is out of stock of the items needed, so an order may be rerouted to a hub farther away, resulting in delayed shipping times.

Destination location and accessibility As mentioned above, shipping times can vary depending on the country of destination. Additionally, geographic accessibility plays a role in shipping time, as it’s often easier to ship to a major city than a rural or remote area with challenging terrain.

Customs clearance International orders are often subject to customs clearance procedures in the destination country. Inspections and documentation requirements can sometimes delay the delivery process, especially if additional information is required. Because different countries have different protocols, the customs clearance time frame may vary.

Shipping carrier delays Once the order has arrived in the destination country, it’s given to a carrier (the USPS, for example). Carriers may experience delays like route congestion, limited transportation, or other logistical challenges that may affect delivery times.

Weather and natural disasters If a location along the transportation route is experiencing extreme weather and/or natural disasters (like tornadoes or a snow storm), it may take longer for a package to be delivered in an effort to keep workers safe. It may also be difficult to find a new route if the original one has been blocked because of the weather.

Peak season demand Shein receives more orders during major holidays and sales events. This increase in orders puts more pressure on Shein’s fulfillment operations, including warehouse capacities, processing times, and carrier services. This in turn can cause delays in processing and shipping times.

How to Track Your Shein Order

Log into your Shein account and click “My Orders.” Visit Shein’s website or open the Shein app and log in if you haven’t already done so. Navigate to the “My Orders” page to see a list of all the orders you’ve purchased on your account. If you made a purchase as a guest and do not have a Shein account, find your confirmation email to pull up your tracking number.

Find your order and view the order details. Scroll through the orders until you find the one you’re looking for. If it’s been marked as “Shipped,” click on it to pull up the shipping history and current status. If it hasn’t been shipped yet, you won’t be able to track it.

Click the tracking number to track your order. The tracking number is generally located at the top of the page within the order details. Click it to pull up a more detailed list of the order’s shipping history, status, and expected delivery date.

What to Do if Your Package is Late or Doesn’t Arrive

Check the tracking information. Before doing anything else, check your package’s tracking status. Usually, the status will update if there have been any unexpected delays. Monitor the situation to see if the status updates after a few days. If it seems stuck, you may need to proceed to the next steps and contact customer service.

Contact Shein’s customer service. If your package doesn’t arrive within the expected time frame, Shein encourages you to reach out to customer service via the live chat feature on their website or on social media platforms. Provide the order details and tracking number and explain the situation. Shein will then investigate the situation and work towards resolving it as quickly as possible. In general, it’s best to wait until after the expected delivery date to contact customer service in case the package is still on its way to you.

Request a refund or reshipment. If you’ve already reached out to customer service and the package still failed to arrive, contact them again and express your concerns. Depending on the situation, Shein may refund the purchase or arrange for a replacement order to be shipped. Remember, it isn’t the customer service representative’s fault if the order failed to arrive. Be polite and have patience while working to resolve the issue.

Tips for Faster Shein Delivery

Choose express shipping at checkout. One of the easiest ways to get your order sooner is to choose express shipping. In the United States, express shipping currently costs $12.90, compared to standard shipping’s $3.99. If you spend over $129, however, express shipping is free.

Opt for the On-Time Delivery Guarantee. While the On-Time Delivery Guarantee doesn’t necessarily speed up shipping times, it gives Shein an incentive to make sure your order arrives by the designated date. If it doesn’t, you’ll receive 500 Shein points. This feature is free to use, so make sure to click it during checkout.

Order during off-peak seasons. Because Shein sees an increase in orders around major holidays and during sales events, shipping times can be delayed. To avoid this, try to shop after these sales events and during quieter shopping seasons. When there’s less demand, there’s a greater chance your order will be processed and shipped more quickly.

Make use of urge delivery. After your Shein order has shipped, you sometimes have the option to urge delivery, which informs dispatchers you want them to speed up the shipping process. Shein will then assess the situation and see if there’s anything they can do. While this doesn’t guarantee your order will arrive more quickly, there is a chance it could.

Monitor your package’s delivery status. Keep an eye on your order’s tracking number to note any potential delays. If it seems like your package is stuck somewhere in processing or shipping, reach out to customer service to see if they can speed up the process and get the order back on track. It may help to utilize Shein’s app for real-time updates.

Choose in-store pickup, if available. In some locations, Shein customers have the option to ship their order to a designated location and pick it up at their convenience. In-store pickup can sometimes expedite the shipping process as it bypasses potential delays associated with regular shipping. This depends on which carrier Shein is shipping through. For example, FedEx allows customers to redirect delivery to various retail stores like Walgreens and Dollar General.

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