How to Craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft: Recipe + Uses
How to Craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft: Recipe + Uses
If you need to smelt ore more quickly in Minecraft, you can craft a Blast Furnace. This works similar to a regular Furnace, but it operates twice as fast. You'll just need Iron Ingots and Smooth Stones to upgrade your Furnace. Here's how to craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft on all platforms.
Easy Blast Furnace Recipe in Minecraft

Crafting a Blast Furnace

Open the crafting table. This will open a 3x3 crafting grid. You'll need a Furnace, 5 Iron Ingots, and 3 Smooth Stones. Smooth Stones can be obtained by smelting regular Stone.

Place the materials in the grid. Be sure to place them as follows: Row 1: Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot Row 2: Iron Ingot, Furnace, Iron Ingot Row 3: Smooth Stone, Smooth Stone, Smooth Stone

Place the Blast Furnace in your inventory. You'll see it on the right side of the crafting grid. The Blast Furnace recipe should also unlock when you smelt regular Stone for Smooth Stone. You may also find Blast Furnaces in a village or in trail ruins.

Blast Furnace Usages

Smelting. Unlike the Furnace, which can smelt ore, food, and other resources, Blast Furnaces can only be used to smelt ore. This allows you to smelt twice as fast. To smelt ore, place an ore and a fuel item into the Blast Furnace.

Changing professions. If there's an unclaimed Blast Furnace in a village, it can be used to change a villager's profession to armorer.

Light source. Like other Furnaces, a Blast Furnace emits light, which can help keep mobs at bay.

Lock. If you're using Java Edition, you can lock the Blast Furnace using the /data command.

Note blocks. If you place a Blast Furnace underneath a note block, it makes a bass drum sound.

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