How Often Does StockX Sell Fake Items?
How Often Does StockX Sell Fake Items?
StockX is a legitimate, trustworthy current culture marketplace that tries its best to make sure that each product is authentic. Although some fake items might slip through the system, StockX prides itself on its verification process which makes buying rare and collectable products safer for both buyers and sellers. If you have received a fake sneaker, clothing item, or collectable through StockX, they’ll try their best to make it right. Keep reading to learn all about StockX’s unique verification process.
Things You Should Know
  • Although some items may sneak through StockX’s verification process, they do their best to make sure products are real.
  • StockX employs over 300 trained authenticators who use industry knowledge, artificial intelligence, and embedded technologies to verify each product.
  • If you receive a fake product through StockX, submit a Promise Support form within 10 days of your order and StockX will do their best to make it right.

How often does StockX sell fakes?

StockX rarely sells fakes to buyers. Unlike other 3rd party marketplace sites like eBay, all the products on StockX are physically inspected and authenticated before they’re delivered to buyers. Although there may be some fakes that sneak through the system, StockX does its best to ensure that the products they ship are real. Their authentication process often makes StockX safer than other marketplaces, where scams are more commonplace and buyers have little protection from fraudulent sales. StockX also has a Buyer’s Promise policy, which means that if you do receive a fake item, you can submit a support request form.

StockX’s Verification Process

StockX employs over 300 trained team members to verify their products. Each of StockX’s 300 authenticators goes through a 90-day training course. They also receive constant training throughout their employment to remain experts in the sneaker or collectable resale industry. Authenticators also look for manufacturing defects or damaged products and make sure that all accessories are included and that each product is the right size. When StockX first started, chief executive, co-founder, and sneakerhead Josh Luber would personally authenticate sneakers before taking them downstairs to be shipped.

StockX also uses machine learning and embedded tech to verify products. Along with having authenticators verify sales, StockX also uses cutting-edge technology, like artificial intelligence, RFID, and QR codes. Their tech can predict which products and sellers are high-risk and make sure that all details are taken into consideration during the verification process. StockX was born out of a company called Campless, a database of sneaker market information, and uses this data model to verify each product. StockX also continues to invest in new technology to stay ahead of counterfeiters and improve their purchasing experience.

Is StockX legit?

Yes, StockX is a real, reputable online marketplace. StockX was founded in 2016 by Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, Dan Gilbert, and Chris Kaufman in a single office building in Detroit, Michigan. Now, StockX has also been ranked as one of the 5th best consumer marketplaces. As a passionate sneakerhead, Josh Luber, who worked at I.B.M. at the time, came up with the idea to sell authenticated shoes on a website that mimics the stock market. StockX has had many respected investment firms invest in their business, including GV (Google Ventures), Battery Ventures, and Tiger Global Management LLC. StockX is a member of the INTA (International Trademark Association), a nonprofit association of professionals committed to fostering consumer trust and protecting intellectual property. StockX primarily makes its money by charging sellers a transaction fee.

What to Do If You Receive a Fake Item from StockX

Submit a Buyer Promise Support form within 10 days of your order. The form will ask for your email, phone number, country, order ID, product category, and the reason for the return. They also ask you to include pictures of the item you received. Once you submit the form, StockX will investigate and may respond within 24 hours. StockX may be able to replace your item. The item you have must be unworn and in the condition that it was delivered in, with the StockX verification tag still attached, in order to be eligible to submit a Buyer Promise form. For shoes, include a picture of the product with the StockX tag attached and a zoomed-in photo of the StockX QR code. For all other items, you also need to include a picture of the product packaging and a photo of the item SKU code or serial number in addition.

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