Ameesha Patel Says Gadar 2 Success Proves '50 Is The New 20': 'When SRK Came Back...' | Exclusive
Ameesha Patel Says Gadar 2 Success Proves '50 Is The New 20': 'When SRK Came Back...' | Exclusive
Ameesha Patel reveals she isn’t fond of the term ‘comeback’. She also says that the success of Gadar 2 has defied the idea that women actors have a shelf life.

In less than three weeks of its release, Gadar 2 has entered the coveted Rs 500 crore club. Despite receiving negative feedback from the critics and Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s limited screen time that left some dismayed, the film continues its golden run at the box office. And with the Anil Sharma directorial, Ameesha also marks her return to the movies after many years. Needless to say, she’s elated with the history the film has been creating.

In an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha, she tells us that Gadar 2 has also defied the notion about women actors having a shelf life and crushed all stereotypes surrounding ageism. “The box office numbers of Gadar 2 that have shattered records answers the question about actors and actresses headlining projects across all age groups. Talent has no limit. 50 is the new 20 and that’s what has been proven,” she opines.

She goes on to add that the film’s success has also challenged that idea that only young actors headlining a film work at the box office. “For Sunny Deol to come back at 65 is also defying what heroes can do as single leads,” states the 47-year-old. However, she isn’t particularly fond of the term ‘comeback’ as she points out, “Gadar 2 has also broken the record in terms of a heroine coming back by defying all the norms. But the problem is in people’s mind as they term this phenomenon as a ‘comeback’. Good actors never leave, they just take a break.”

Speaking about how many of her peers have chosen to take a hiatus over the years and then bounced back, Ameesha remarks, “When Aamir Khan came back four years post Lagaan (2001), they termed that also as a comeback. People can choose to take a break for whatever reasons. I don’t think that a good actor should have any limit to their screen presence and screen time. Age shouldn’t be a restrictive factor. It all boils down to good scripts that can justify their potential and their presence in the film.”

She further continues, “When Shah Rukh Khan came back with Pathaan, they called it his comeback. Whenever an actor who has delivered in the past, for whatever reasons, whether they took a brief hiatus and not come onscreen for personal or professional reasons, or they aren’t doing the kind of films that they used to do, people always term that as a comeback. So, they are calling Gadar 2 Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s comeback.”

Ameesha, on the other hand, would rather take her absence from the screens to her stride. Reiterating how the fact that she has made her debut in the Rs 500 crore club should shut down all naysayers, she says, “I don’t think I define myself or other talented women by their age or the number of years they’ve been around in the industry. If you can do justice to a role, you can headline a film at any age. As far as my absence from the screen is concerned, my friends have all started teasing me, ‘Ameesha, you’ve been saved for all the iconic blockbusters.’”

Speaking to us earlier, Ameesha shared that though Gadar 2 is minting huge numbers, she agrees with her fans who wanted to see more of her and Sunny in the film. “They wished for us to have a longer screen time and for the length of Main Nikla Gaddi Leke to not be reduced. They also hoped for Tara’s scene before the interval to appear sooner and a little more editing. But they’re happy that the overall film is fantastic,” she told us.

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