Men Drop GoPro Into 'Deepest Pit In The World'. Is Someone Hiding Down There?
Men Drop GoPro Into 'Deepest Pit In The World'. Is Someone Hiding Down There?
The GoPro camera was lowered to 586 feet below the Earth's surface in the Fantastic Pit in Ellison's Cave in Walker County, Georgia.

Have you ever stared long enough into the darkness to observe it staring back at you? The unfathomable abyss of winding paths causes one’s breath to catch in the chest and the palms to become moist with sweat. An ordinary individual would shiver at the mere prospect of entering this ominous chasm. But it’s a siren’s call for some thrill-seekers. A GoPro camera was dropped into one of the deepest voids in the United States by the cave exploration team known on YouTube as Action Adventure Twins. The video has given viewers a spooky feeling of dread and jittery goosebumps.

In December 2022, the YouTuber duo Nate and Ben posted the video on their page as they lowered a GoPro into America’s “deepest pit". The GoPro camera was lowered to a staggering 586 feet below the Earth’s surface, and they spent 12 hours filming in the Fantastic Pit in Ellison’s Cave in Walker County, Georgia.

We’re certain you couldn’t pay most people to visit the Fantastic Pit in person since it’s the deepest free-fall pit in the lower 48 states. To put it into perspective, it’s nearly two times the size of the Statue of Liberty.

The GoPro can be seen plunging into the pitch-black, murky, and menacing cave’s depths in the video. Because it is hanging from a long wire that is fastened to an electric drill, the camera keeps on gradually rotating.

The camera descends to the bottom, passing through cracks and crevices.

As a result, you’re constantly holding your breath as if you’re watching a horror film, wondering if something might pop out.

While many were ecstatic to see the clip, others believed they could see something in the shadows as the camera descended. Commenters underneath the video stated they were certain they could see “a shadow of a man standing in the back."

“There is a dark-shaped figure lurking like a beast," a user commented.

“I’m not going to lie, when it got to the bottom I was anxious for a second. I saw one of those white rocks and was like… omg is that a ghost?!" another added.

We’re talking about a rather deep pit, and this claimed person would not have had a floor to stand on.

Rather, it seems to be an especially human-shaped opening that deceives the eye upon initial observation between a stalagmite and the rock face.

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