The Meaning of the Emo Emoji & What Emojis You Can Use Instead
The Meaning of the Emo Emoji & What Emojis You Can Use Instead
Whether you’re wondering what the elusive emo icon means or you’re looking for emoji alternatives to use, we’ve got all the info you need about emo emojis. The emo emoji is available on Microsoft Teams and a few other apps on the internet, but it hasn’t been added to Unicode yet and isn’t available on Apple or Android. If you do have it, we’ll tell you what it means and what situations it’s best to use it in. We’ll also give you other dark, brooding emojis to use if you don’t have the original emoji available to you. Keep reading for more!
Meaning of the Emo Emoji

What does the emo emoji mean?

The emo emoji can mean that you’re feeling sensitive or angsty. When someone sends an emoji with a long dark bang over one eye, it can mean that they’re feeling a little bit emotional. Some people may also use it ironically to make fun of their own or another person’s angsty or emotional message. The word “emo” comes from the word “emotional,” and is short for “emotional hardcore” or “emocore.”

It can also refer to emo culture or the emo music genre. Emo music is a subgenre of punk or alternative rock, and its songs tend to delve into emotional or confessional subjects like loss, pain, loneliness, or self-reflection. If you see someone use this emoji and they’re talking about a band or style of clothing, they might be referencing emo culture in general. The emo genre started in 1984 with the band, Rites of Spring. Bands like Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy helped popularize it.

When do you use the emo emoji?

Use the emo emoji to lightly talk about deep feelings like sadness. Like using the term “lol,” you might send your friend the emo emoji to talk about feeling lonely or introspective in a more lighthearted, almost self-deprecating way. “I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been feeling super sad today.” “I’m feeling super stressed right now. I wish I could take a day off just to lie in my room and listen to music.”

Send someone the emoji to playfully talk about emo culture. If you and your friend are both super into the emo genre, you might send this emoji back and forth when you make inside jokes about emo songs or about the emo aesthetic in general. You can also use this emoji to reference a time when you were emo. “You’re panicking at the wrong disco, my friend.” “I’m going through my closet, looking at all my black clothes, and realizing it probably never really was a phase.”

Post the emo emoji on your status message at work if it’s okay. In some casual office settings, you might use this emoji in your status message on a platform like Microsoft Teams to capture your mood about something. Using emojis in your status can help your teammates get an insight into how you’re feeling, which may positively impact performance in the workplace. “Wi-Fi got shut down again. Using a hotspot.” “Busy—do not disturb.”

Emo Emojis for IOS/iPhone

???? (Black Heart) The Black Heart can symbolize sorrow, morbidity, or dark humor, which are all components of the emo aesthetic. It’s also often used by people posting about emo music, so this emoji is perfect for when you’re feeling angsty, misunderstood, or moody. “I feel like no one understands how I feel right now. ????” “I like my coffee black… like my soul. ????”

???? (Guitar) Music is where emo culture came from, so it only makes sense that the guitar is one of the main emojis you can use to represent it. Use this sweet (often red) electric guitar along with the name of your favorite emo band or a witty caption to show off your love for music that explores the deep, emotional, twisted part of humanity. “I’m going to see All Time Low this weekend! ????” “Does anyone want to start a midwestern emo band with me? I can play the guitar. ????”

???? (Microphone) People often talk about emo music’s melodic lyrics and wildly different vocal styles, which can make the microphone emoji a great addition to your emo emoji arsenal. You might use it alongside the lyrics of your favorite emo song or when talking about an emo artist you really admire. “I absolutely love Gerard Way, his voice is amazing. ????” “When Blink 182 said ‘Hello there, the angel from my nightmare,’ they were really talking about my haircut from 2002. ????”

????️ (Cloud with Rain) This dark rain cloud can be used to talk about the weather, but it can also be used to talk about the storm you feel on the inside. Include this downcast emoji in your text or post when you’re talking about feeling sad, lonely, or self-reflective. “I know I’m supposed to stay away, but all I can think about is him. ????️” “I feel super sad, I just miss the days when things were simple. ????️”

???? (Crying Face) The Crying Face emoji represents sadness or pain, which can be used as a more direct way to talk about your deeper emotions. You might use this when you’re talking about something super sad, like loss or grief, or when a song lyric or emotional story hits you a little too hard. “I just found out that my favorite band broke up. ????” “I can’t believe my grandmother passed away a year ago today. ???? It feels like she’s still here sometimes.”

????(Sign of the Horns) A lot of the emo genre was influenced by punk and metal, which is where this “devil horns” hand gesture became popular in American music culture. You might include it in your posts or messages when you talk about super hardcore emo music or the bands you’re going to see that often dip into the metal genre. “The band last night totally rocked out. ???? I can’t wait to see them again next time they tour.” “I love this song! This guy’s voice is awesome. ????”

???? (New Moon) The grayish-blue or black New Moon emoji represents all things dark and eerie, which are key parts of the emo aesthetic. Full of melancholy and a sense of emptiness, use the New Moon emoji when you want to talk about the darker side of your emotions. “My feelings are as black as the night sky. ????” “Been feeling super dark and depressed lately. ????”

???? (Wilted Flower) The Wilted Flower emoji is the epitome of sadness and heartbreak. Just like some emo lyrics, this emoji can represent faded feelings, death, grief, or lost love. You might include it when you talk about a recent break-up or describe a really sad song. “I thought we were more than just friends. ????” “Just listened to my favorite band’s new track, it reminded me of my ex. ????”

Emo Emoticons & Emoji Combinations

Combine emojis to create an emo aesthetic on social media. If you’re searching for a collection of emojis to use in your Instagram or TikTok bio, look no further. Combine your favorite dark, morbid, or sad emojis to prove to the world that emo isn’t dead—it just looks cooler now. ⋆ ???? ✮????️✮????️ ⋆ ????????????????️???? ???????????????? ????????????⛓ ???? ????⛓???????? ????????????????????️ ????????????????️ ???????????????? ????️????️???????????? ????????⛓️☠️⛓️????????

Use an emoticon to represent the early days of emo culture. Emo culture was popularized in the early ‘90s and became even more mainstream in the early 2000s. Early websites like Myspace helped spread the music and artists like Avril Lavine made the aesthetic even more trendy. To reference the good old days of emo music, try using these emoticons: ִ ࣪???? (っ´ཀ`)っ -ˋˏ✄┈┈┈┈ ༺♱༻ ૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა rawr! ꒦꒷♡꒷꒦ ^_< -★ ( ҂ × ཀ × ) (//_^) ⚠︎

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