The Dark Blade V2 in Blox Fruits: How to Unlock It & What It Can Do
The Dark Blade V2 in Blox Fruits: How to Unlock It & What It Can Do
Are you hoping to play Blox Fruits while wielding one of its most powerful mythical weapons, the Dark Blade V2? We’re here to help. Acquiring the Dark Blade (and its V2 upgrade) means completing a quest first—“The Son Quest.” Luckily, the quest itself isn’t too hard, and with our comprehensive guide, you can get your hands on the Dark Blade V2 in no time. Read on, and we’ll walk you through each step needed to get the Dark Blade V2, plus outline the differences between V2 and V1!
Quick Guide to Finding the Dark Blade V2

Getting V2 of the Dark Blade in Blox Fruits

Acquire the basic Dark Blade (V1) and reach level 350. You must be at least level 350 to get the Dark Blade V2, so work on completing quests and defeating bosses to level up if necessary. Furthermore, be sure to get the Dark Blade V1 before attempting to get the V2 upgrade. The Dark Blade can be acquired in a few different ways: Buy it from the in-game store. The simplest way to get the Dark Blade is by purchasing it directly from the Blox Fruit store, although it’ll cost 1,200 Robux. Get it as a gift or trade. Any player with the Dark Blade Game Pass can gift or trade the blade to another player if they wish. Get the Brazil Cube. If you find the developer rip_indra in the game, they may give you a Brazil Cube—which will then reward you with the Dark Blade. Defeat the Mihawk boss. Although challenging, if you defeat the Mihawk boss, you’ll have a small chance to get the Dark Blade as a reward.

Talk to Robotmega to begin “The Son Quest.” Travel to the Middle Town of the First Sea and look for an NPC called Robotmega; you’ll find him in a house with a green roof near the Aura Editor. Speak to Robotmega, and so long as the above prerequisites have been fulfilled, he’ll tell you to find his son, Indra. Getting this task officially begins The Son Quest, which must be completed to get the Dark Blade V2. If you haven’t met both requirements to get the upgrade, Robotmega will instead say, “idk of u.”

Locate Indra on the Frozen Village island. Travel to Frozen Island and look for Indra, who’s living inside a red doghouse. Talk to Indra and select the right dialogue options; after that, Indra will tell you about 3 love letters he wrote for Robotmega and send you off to find them. The correct dialogue options are, in order: Say me why (Give nothing) (Give good) U know well Sure thing bro

Track down 3 love letters. You’ll find Indra’s love letters scattered across the world on 3 different islands. Collect all of them before moving to the next stage of the quest. The letters can be found at the following locations: Frozen Village. Find an invisible wall a little way to the left of a ladder on this island and destroy it using your Dark Blade’s Z-move; a love letter will be inside. Skylands. Find a blue, two-story house with a gray tin roof at the island's center and break down the door with your Dark Blade. You’ll find the letter inside. Marine Fortress. Locate the invisible wall behind the Vice Admiral’s mansion and break it down. Then, navigate the maze behind it with these directions: right, left, left, right, left, and left. At the end, you’ll find a letter.

Return to Robotmega for the Dark Blade upgrade. He’ll be in the same place (the Middle Town of the First Sea). Speak to him again; now that you have the 3 love letters, he can upgrade your Dark Blade to its V2 form. Congratulations—you’re ready to play on while wielding one of the most prized weapons in the game!

Dark Blade V1 vs V2

The Dark Blade V2 deals more damage than V1. In its V2 form, the Dark Blade’s damage output is increased by 30%, and has slight buffs to its Z and X-moves compared to V1. The Dark Blade V2 also comes with additional visual effects—though those don’t alter its abilities or damage. The Dark Blade also has a skin variation called White/Slayer Dark Blade. When you turn on Aura while wielding the blade, its appearance and attacks will become white and black (rather than green and black).

Getting V3 of the Dark Blade

Find the final version of the Dark Blade on a raid with a friend. Keep in mind that V3 of the Dark Blade is purely cosmetic. It doesn’t change the weapon’s abilities, only its appearance. Nonetheless, if you’re determined to find the blade’s final upgrade, you can do so by completing the following steps: Evolve every race in the game except Ghoul and Cyborg to V3. Go to the Third Sea and defeat the Sea Beast to get the Fist of Darkness. Have a friend in the game get the Fist of Darkness for themselves. Go to Graveyard Island together and have your friend start the Blackbeard raid. Run up to a pillar with a button after the raid begins and press the button, which will add a new skin (“Chess Yoru”) to your Dark Blade, upgrading it to V3.

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