'Bitcoin Scam' Rocks BJP Government in Karnataka
'Bitcoin Scam' Rocks BJP Government in Karnataka
A hacker arrested by the police has claimed that he transferred Bitcoins worth thousands of crores into the accounts of some big political leaders in the state.

A Bitcoin storm is threatening to uproot many political bigwigs in Karnataka. An alleged international hacker arrested by the police has spilled the beans about the transfer of Bitcoins worth thousands of crores into the accounts of some big political leaders in the state. Sri Krishna, in his 20s, was arrested by the police in connection with a murderous attack on a youth at a high-end pub in Bengaluru in early 2018. Congress MLA NA Haris’s son Mohammed Nalapad is the main accused in this case. A clever hacker, Sri Krishna had managed to dodge the cops for over two years before he was caught.

According to the police, he told them about his “business”. Sri Krishna claims that he has hacked into two cryptocurrency exchanges and stolen 5,000 Bitcoins worth over Rs 2,000 crore. He has also shocked the police by revealing that he has hacked several government websites and manipulated tenders worth hundreds of crores. He is also being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for his alleged cyber scams.

According to unconfirmed reports, he was forced to transfer these Bitcoins into the accounts of some top political leaders from the ruling BJP. The alleged role of some police officers has also come under the scanner.

The leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah has taken on the Basavaraj Bommai government, demanding answers and a thorough probe into the murky deals. Speaking to the media, he said, “I have come to know that some top people in the government hold Bitcoins. How did they get them? I demand answers. The BJP should come clean about this huge scam.”

The opposition Congress has launched an all-out attack on the BJP government.

A rattled government is running for cover claiming these charges are completely baseless and no one from the BJP is involved in it. Commenting on this, higher education, IT & BT minister Dr CN Ashwath Narayan said, “We have nothing to do with this. The allegations are motivated. The entire hacking scam is being investigated by not just state police, but also by the central agencies like IT and ED. The truth will come out, once the investigation is over.”

Chief minister Bommai is also maintaining the same stand. State home minister Araga Jnanendra has dismissed the reports that America’s FBI had come to Bengaluru to interrogate Sri Krishna for his alleged cyber frauds targeting US-based companies.

However, the Congress is alleging that the BJP is trying to hush up the matter to save its bigwigs. A top police official, who is aware of the issue, dismissed media reports about the Bitcoin scam. He said that these are Sri Krishna’s claims and he has failed to provide any proof so far.

In early 2018, Nalapad had attacked a young man called Vidwath at an upmarket pub in the city. After that, he was sent to jail for over two months before being released on bail.

Sri Krishna was also with Nalapad on that night. After the incident, he had fled Bengaluru, dodging the police for over two years.

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