Doctor Explains Why Women Prefer Hotter Showers Than Men
Doctor Explains Why Women Prefer Hotter Showers Than Men
London based Doctor explains the valid and scientific reason why women prefer higher temperatures in shower.

The ongoing ‘Wife vs Husband Shower Temperature’ debate has become a viral sensation on TikTok, as men continue to claim that their partners turn up the heat to boiling levels while bathing. Podcaster Micah recently went viral after sharing his frustrations about his wife Sarah, claiming they couldn’t enjoy steamy bathroom sessions because she prefers much hotter showers.

In a video shared by London based Doctor Sermed Mezher on Instagram, Micah jokingly compared his wife’s water preference with “boiling a turkey.” However, Dr Mezher, explains the scientific reason why women incline towards higher temperatures. He breaks down the differences between men and women’s shower preferences that many couples can relate to.

Mezher explained, “Women naturally have a fractionally higher core body temperature compared to men, which helps to keep those inner organs toasty but can lead to cold sensitivity that can worsen throughout the cycle, especially during ovulation and towards the end of the cycle. We also know that male and female body compositions are very different. On average, women have between a 6 to 11% higher body fat percentage and men have more skeletal muscle, which we know is thermogenic, especially with men’s higher exercise tolerance, on average.”

“We know that women are five times more likely to suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon, which can cause spasm of the blood vessels in the hands and feet but even without this women are on average 3 degrees colder in the hands and feet due to estrogen thickening the blood making it more difficult to get there,” Doctor Sermed Mezher concluded.

Reacting to the post, a user wrote, “My girl literally showers with lava, that some sort of superpower.”

Another shared, “Me and my boyfriend are opposite to this, I prefer cold and him super hot.”

“I actually shower in lukewarm water because hot water causes rashes and damages hair, also makes me dizzy,” a comment read.

An individual shared, “It relaxes my muscles. Lol.”

One more added, “This explains why I like to bath/shower in lava.”

Since Doctor Sermed Mezher shed light on men and women’s shower temperature, his video has gone viral and garnered over 7 Lakh views.

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