All Things You Need to Know About Tinder's Secret Admirer
All Things You Need to Know About Tinder's Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer is a fun mini-game on Tinder that adds a little excitement and increases your chances of finding a match more quickly. If you've received a notification that you have a secret admirer or have stumbled upon the game while swiping and are curious, you've come to the right place. This wikiHow article answers all your questions about Secret Admirer on Tinder.
Tinder Secret Admirer Meaning

What is secret admirer?

Secret Admirer is a mini-game that pops up at random on Tinder. You may receive a notification that says, "You have a secret admirer," or it may pop up while using Tinder. It presents you with four anonymous profiles that have liked your profile. Their profile images are blurred. You can select one profile to reveal their identity. Then, you can check out their profile and swipe right for an instant match.

What are the requirements?

To qualify for secret admirer on Tinder: You must be active on Tinder. You must swipe on at least ten profiles in one session. You must have at least 4 people like your profile.

Does Secret Admirer cost money?

Secret Admirer on Tinder is free. You can play Secret Admirer with a free account. You do not need to pay for a subscription service.

How often does Secret Admirer come up?

It's entirely random. If you are very active on Tinder, you may see it pop up once a day. If you are not as active, you may only see it once a week or once a month. The more you use Tinder, the more often you will see it.

Why do I keep getting the same Secret Admirer?

The algorithm tries to show you potential matches. If you don't have too many people like your profile, you may see the same people pop up in Secret Admirer. If you see the same person keep popping up, they could be liking your account more than once. They could also be a bot or fake account. It could also be a bug in the app.

Why can't I match with my Secret Admirer?

They may have deleted their account. If you receive an error message when trying to match with a secret admirer, they may have deleted their account or been banned from the app.

Can I see all my Secret Admirers?

Only if you sign up for Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold is a premium subscription tier that allows you to see who has liked your profile, among other things. You also get 5 Super Likes per week and one free monthly boost. While there is no way to see who all of your secret admirers are, signing up for Tinder Gold allows you to see everyone who liked your profile.

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