Exclusive | Samarpan Lama Wins India's Best Dancer 3, Says Will Pay 'Pending House Rent With Prize Money'
Exclusive | Samarpan Lama Wins India's Best Dancer 3, Says Will Pay 'Pending House Rent With Prize Money'
Samarpan Lama says his parents are happy and emotional as he wins India's Best Dancer 3.

Samarpan Lama has emerged as the winner of India’s Best Dancer 3. The show, which was judged by Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis, held its grand finale on the night of Saturday, September 30th. Samarpan took home the prestigious trophy with a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh. Besides Samarpan, Anjali Mamgai, Aniket Chauhan, Vipul Khandapal and Shivanshu Soni were also competing for the trophy.

After the finale episode, Samarpan interacted with News18 Showsha exclusively and shared that it all feels like a dream to him. “I never thought I would win this. I was in this show for eight months. It was always a healthy competition. I never expected I would be the winner one day. Even my selection from the audition was very unexpected, now I am the winner. It is no less than a dream,” he told us.

“My father is very happy. He is enjoying the moment. He has never danced in his entire life and during the grand finale, he danced with me. I can see the happiness in his eyes. My mom is also very emotional,” he continued.

Samarpan shared that India’s Best Dancer 3 changed his life and added, “Now things will get better. I have asked my parents not to worry now.”

The 20-year-old winner also revealed that he has pending house rent to pay and therefore, he will use the prize money for that. “We have pending house rent to pay. From the winning prize, I will clear it first,” he said and then added, “I am thinking of planning something for my father. He is very fond of bikes. I am thinking I will buy a bike for him. Now, I will shift to Mumbai and therefore, I will also need money for it.”

However, Samarpan is not planning to open his own dance academy immediately. “I am not planning to open my own dance studio as of now. I will participate in workshops as of now and will work upon myself,” he shared. “I will also hold my own workshops later. The plan is to hold it across the country. I can’t say if I will be able to go global. But firstly, I will train myself to become better. I will have to prove why I emerged as the winner of this show,” he concluded.

Congratulations, Samarpan Lama! 

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